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We're more than just concrete cutters

Discover our comprehensive concrete cutting services designed to meet your diverse needs. From large diameter core drilling to precision wiresawing for structural remodeling in projects like dams, power stations, and bridges, we ensure top-notch solutions. Our services extend to slurry control systems, including wastewater collection for recycling, and construction joint rehabilitation for various structures.


With total project management, equipment engineering, and remedial works, we tackle challenging sites with ease. We're committed to eco-friendliness with zero emissions equipment, and we excel in underwater cutting, concrete sealing systems, concrete grinding, and offer consultation services for technically demanding projects.

Use the navigation below to jump to the concrete cutting, coring, drilling or joint sealing service that most interests you, or scroll down to read more.

Concrete Cutting Services
Concrete Drilling & Coring Services
Concrete Joint Sealing & Repair Services
Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting

Cut and Core specialises in concrete cutting, using advanced equipment and techniques to deliver precise cuts for a variety of applications. From walls to floors, and major to minor infrastructure we can tackle any project with efficiency and professionalism.

Cut and Core large roadsaw in action

Key Concrete Cutting Services

Wall Sawing

Cut and Core large wall saw up to 1000mm deep
  • Capable of cutting up to 1000mm deep through concrete, brickwork, and stonework.

  • Precision cutting with track-mounted equipment.

  • Remote-controlled operation enhances safety.

  • Fumeless operation ideal for sensitive areas.

  • Versatile use for cutting swimming pools, bridge beams, strongroom walls, vaults, and wharves.

  • Effective for floor cutting in areas inaccessible to floor saws.

  • Well-suited for deep cutting in multi-storey projects.

  • Modular design facilitates manual transport into various work areas.

  • Environmental systems provided for efficient slurry control.

Wall Sawing
Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing

Cut and Core wiresaw cutting to any depth
  • Cut to Any Depth

  • Versatile Material Compatibility - Concrete, Brick, Stone, or Steel.

  • Quieter Operation Compared to Traditional Blade Cutting.

  • Circular Wire Saw Capable of Cutting Round Holes up to 4000mm.

  • Expertise in Archway Cutting.

  • Applied in Cutting Bridges, Dams, Beams, Columns, Pipes, and Cooling Systems.

  • Underwater Capabilities for Cutting Columns, Bridge Piers, and More.

  • Precision Steel Cutting - Ideal for Heat Exchanges, Tanks, Bases, and More.

  • Environmental Systems Offered for Efficient Slurry Control.

Hand Sawing
Ring Sawing

Hand Sawing, Chain Sawing & Ring Sawing

Cut and Core neat and clean hand saw application
  • Handheld cutting for depths up to 330mm in floors or walls.

  • Available in petrol, electric, and hydraulic systems.

  • Fumeless and dustless options for sensitive environments.

  • Capability for flush cutting to walls and floors.

  • Versatility in demolition, ventilation ducts, window penetrations, doorways, and swimming pools.

  • Handheld machinery ensures adaptability to various locations.

  • Environmental systems provided for efficient slurry control.

Asphalt Sawing
Road Sawing

Asphalt & Concrete Road Sawing

Cut and Core asphalt and concrete roadsaw
  • Achieve cuts up to 800mm deep.

  • Specialised in cutting and demolishing suspended and ground slabs.

  • Available in diesel, petrol, and fumeless electric machines.

  • Expertise in expansion joint cutting and optional sealing.

  • Compact machines for tight access works.

  • Application in cutting at schools, dams, wharves, runways, bridges, hospitals, and public roadways. View our projects page.

  • Trench cutting services.

  • Offering crack chasing and sealing solutions.

  • Environmental systems provided for effective slurry control.

Concrete Drilling & Coring

Concrete Drilling & Coring

Cut and Core specialises in concrete cutting, using advanced equipment and techniques to deliver precise cuts for a variety of applications. From walls to floors, and major to minor infrastructure we can tackle any project with efficiency and professionalism.

Cut and Core road base coring

Key Concrete Coring & Drilling Services

Coring & Drilling

Cut and Core coring and drilling example
  • Conducting test drilling services.

  • Specialised drilling for racking bolt removal.

  • Nationwide project execution throughout Australia.

  • Drilling capabilities ranging from 12mm to 4000mm in diameter.

  • Expertise in drilling to any required depth.

  • Versatility in drilling through walls, floors, or inverted (up through slabs).

  • Precision drilling on any angle and through any material.

  • Utilising intrinsically safe equipment for volatile environments.

  • Confined space trained operators ensuring safety and efficiency.

Joint Repair
Joint Sealing & Repairs

Joint Sealing & Repairs

Preserve and enhance the longevity of your concrete structures with our specialised concrete joint maintenance, rectification and repairs.

​Joint sealing is essential for preserving the concrete's appearance and ensuring its long-term safety.

Cut and Core concrete joint sealing and rectification

Debris accumulation in joints, combined with traffic, weather, and temperature fluctuations, leads to concrete damage. Neglecting these issues results in more expensive repairs, as unsealed joints allow water ingress, undermining the concrete's structural integrity. Beyond aesthetics, this damage poses safety risks that should not be underestimated.​

Cut and Core can assist with many different types of joint rectification, resulting in lowered risk and better concrete longevity. We have experience doing this work on international airports, Defence airfields, distribution facilities, wharves, multi-story carparks, and more, our expertise is grounded in practical experience.

Our Process

  • Premium Sealants: We exclusively use high-quality sealants for lasting, top-notch results.

  • Three-Year Product Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our generous three-year warranty, showcasing our commitment to quality.

  • Fuel Resistant: Our sealants and repair products stand strong against fuel exposure, ensuring longevity in various applications.

  • High Traffic Suitability: Ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic or vehicular loads, our solutions are built to withstand the demands of busy environments.

  • Versatile Sealants: Choose from a variety of sealant options to address your specific needs, be it exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures, or other challenges.

  • Innovative Chamfering: Our unique chamfering technique applied to joint repairs helps prevent ongoing spalling, preserving the integrity of your concrete surfaces.

Key Joint Sealing & Repair Services

  • Trip hazard removal

  • Replacing failed, existing sealants

  • Concrete & minor asphalt repairs

  • Spall repairs

  • Milling of joints up to 50mm wide

  • Concrete surface cleaning

  • Racking bolt removal and filling

  • Removal and replacement of cracked or broken concrete

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